Custom Headlight Labor

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At Overlit Customs we specialize in headlight modification and headlight retrofitting.

Headlight modification meaning that we can build you custom LEDs, do custom paint
work, adding various types of halo rings, and adding various types of LED strips to give
your headlight the one of a kind look.

Headlight retrofitting means we take a headlight that uses a halogen bulb and fit a HID
projector in place of the halogen bulb. The benefit of swapping over to a HID projector is
that it increases your headlights brightness, increases the width of your headlight beam,
and overall increases your visibility at night dramatically. This is the best, most efficient,
and mot reliable way to increase your visibility at night. Also you are not blinding
oncoming traffic because the projector has a limiting shield, limiting the light to go
where you need it the most. 


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